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Author: Tom Riley

Litmus Announces Microsoft Partnership

Litmus Announces Microsoft Partnership


Last night during Boston’s Email Design Conference, it was announced that Litmus and Microsoft are going to team up to make email better.

Caitlin Hart, Program Manager at Microsoft was welcomed onto the stage by Kevin Mandeville and Justine Jordan who then described the long term plan for the partnership with Litmus.

Every email developer out there knows that Outlook is the biggest of many bug bears when it comes to email development due to the myriad of versions and platforms that Outlook runs on; the biggest issue being that the (desktop) application uses Microsoft Word to render email instead of Internet Explorer.

We’re excited to partner with Litmus, who has an amazing user base of passionate email marketers and developers that can provide us with real world examples of rendering bugs and errors. This will allow us to better identify and prioritise rendering issues to work on improving rendering in Outlook.

Caitlin Hart, Program Manager at Microsoft

Litmus announced as part of the partnership that it plans to include a ticketing system, so email developers are able to report all the issues they experience with Outlook directly to Microsoft. In addition to this, Litmus announced that new Microsoft email clients (Windows Mail 10, Outlook app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone) are going to be available for testing in the app, as well as allowing users to sign up for a free Litmus account that allows for Outlook render testing only.

We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership, and want to thank the Microsoft team for joining the campaign to #MakeEmailBetter.

Paul Farnell, CEO, Co-Founder at Litmus

Our Thoughts

Whilst Outlook and all of its annoyances aren’t going to be fixed overnight, this is a huge step forward. The fact that Litmus has managed to get one of the biggest email clients onside, willing to make changes to their products for US as email developers, is a great achievement.

We’ll be following up on this post with our thoughts on the changes that we think should be made to Outlook in the future, in order to #MakeEmailBetter.

Tom Riley